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The Jumpsuit Collection was created to help those affected by the California wildfires. The Woolsey Fire cover over 100,000 acres (almost 4 times the size that most firefighters have seen). It was the most destructive wildfire in California history, with more than 8,800 structures destroyed, most of them homes. Your purchase will help restore lives and ensure that families receive essential needs.
I had a few friends evacuated in Thousands Oaks but I also had quite a few friends evacuated in Malibu. 
Wally Skalij/Los Angeles TimesAlthough the collection had not yet launched I usually always have pre-orders through my entertainment and influencer network. So the first thing I did was I invited my Malibu friends who were evacuated to join me in Encinitas where the air quality was much better. I booked hotel rooms and we camped out for almost a week. Every day we would check to see if the fires had ceased and every day the answer was it just got worse. Some people had no idea if they were going to have anywhere to go once they put out the fire. 
This collection became more important as news broke that thousands would be homeless. The same group of friends that I housed that week put together an amazing fundraiser for the Seminole County through Rebuilding Seminole Foundation. 
The pop-up included local vendors, clothing donations and local artists. Together we were able to provide the first round of immediate needs to help this county rebuild their lives.