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Wellness Travel Essentials

Written by Diana Garcia


Posted on October 16 2019

There was a time that I was getting really sick whenever I would travel. I got so sick on one of the return flights that I had to be on bed rest for a month and missed two of my best friends' wedding.

I knew I had to make a change in my routine and figure out how to build my immunity.

Being a business owner means I have to play multiple roles and I have to get on planes, trains, and automobiles. You are constantly exposed to recycled air and can suffer from dehydration very easily. I also decided early on that I would maintain two homes and live in both Nashville and Venice Beach. This combo is very tricky because both places have high allergies. Even if you don’t have allergies, you can have sensitive sinus. 

As I consulted with my magic dream team they recommended that I take these supplements every day and double up whenever I am feeling sick. 

The verdict is that I have not been sick while traveling. The last time I was sick I’ll be honest and say that I did not stay on my routine for 2 weeks! Yikes. 

So here are my travel essentials:  

Wellness Echinacea 

Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Xclear Sinus Spray

You can find all of these at your local Whole Foods and most are available on Amazon.