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The New Nautical

Written by Diana Garcia


Posted on October 16 2019

I have always found peace near the water. Although I spent most of my life living the city life, I still managed to live near water. My very first apartment as a teenager was at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. My friends would come over and we would walk 2 blocks and sit on the sand by the lake. Lake Michigan was my ocean. I now live on the west coast and I walk to the beach almost every day.

It’s no secret that I have a strong love for nautical. So when I was thinking about putting a collection together that would benefit clean water efforts in Africa, I had to incorporate a nautical vibe. This polka dot dress is my statement piece. It’s my nautical reinvention and it’s one of my favorite pieces we have ever created.

The open back is a staple design element that I wanted to make sure this dress incorporated. And the tie back adds some sweetness to the design.

Polka dots are the new nautical. We used to think that stripes were what sailors wore but I hope to see more polka dots this summer out in the Open Seas.

Most importantly this collection brings me back to the whole reason I started this brand. It was after my first trip to Uganda where I opened a maternity ward. I promised my friends that I would continue to spread hope and I also promised that I wouldn’t forget where I came from.