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Believe in Miracles

Written by Diana Garcia


Posted on October 16 2019

If you have followed or talked to me the past couple of years you will know that Joanna Montgomery played a really big part in my life and was always in my daily conversations. She has an amazing and beautiful story. Watch the video below before reading on…

I used to tell Joanna “remember Magnolia was a miracle, so believe in miracles.” It was that exact phrase that inspired me to come up with the Magnolia Collection. I wanted to make sure that every person who purchased an item would not only give back but that they would also believe in miracles. Joanna was unlike any person you have ever met and her daughter Magnolia has such a spirit. Despite Joanna’s cancer diagnosis, she used her story to help thousands of women. She was a big advocate for early cancer detection.

I decided early on in my quest to figure out what type of company that I launched that it would be heart-driven. I had previously sold a campaign to a major car company and the project manager on the account said to the entire team “meet Diana, she birthed this project. She is the mother of this idea.”

It seems perhaps calculated but I being completely honest that I had no idea how everything in my life has led me to where I am today. And Joanna, without you I would not have had the courage to launch House of Darlings. Without your daughter Magnolia, I would not have had the inspiration to curate a collection with so much beauty and meaning.

The truth is that I wanted to surprise Joanna with this collection. She had NO IDEA what I was working on. While I was meeting with designers and coming up with the concept, Joanna’s health took a turn for the worst. Launching this first collection was not about me wanting to use her story, but it was really for people to come together to believe in miracles because Joanna really needed one.

A few weeks before I was set to launch, Joanna, lost her battle with cancer.

Joanna, because of you I will always make sure that my company has a heart as big as yours. Because of you, I will always believe in miracles.

Every purchase in the Magnolia collection helped to send over 130 foster care kids on a shopping spree.